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Help Rebuild the Miracle Strip Starliner in Panama City Beach

The “Pepsi Refresh Everything Project" for October includes a local effort by Starliner PCB to rebuild the former Miracle Beach Starliner in Panama City Beach, Florida. The project is in the $250,000 category.

The coaster has been purchased by Starliner PCB, a group of individuals and businesses that plans to return the coaster to her hometown of Panama City Beach. Built in 1964 and closed in 2004, Starliner is an historical landmark waiting to be saved.

After Miracle Strip Amusement Park closed in 2004, Starliner was purchased and moved to Cypress Gardens in 2007, but the park closed the following year. Cypress Gardens has since been purchased by Legoland, but the coaster does not fit with the demographics of the new park and was put up for sale.

You can vote via Facebook or log in with a valid email address at Votes may also be cast via your mobile phone by sending a text message 103457 to Pepsi (73774) [standard text messaging rates apply].

In August, a grant in the amount of $50,000 was awarded to Conneaut Lake Park for the repair and restoration of Blue Streak, and with our votes, we can help this cause as well.


Photo by: courtesy of Cypress Gardens. View full-sized image.
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