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New Trains for Texas Giant

While the original Texas Giant undergoes its renovation in preparation for the 50th anniversary of Six Flags Over Texas, the stylish new look of the Gerstlauer trains for the new Texas Giant has been revealed. The park opened in 1961, and the cars resemble the styling of the popular Cadillac DeVille model of that year.

Each of the 3 trains will be a different metallic color, aqua, black and red. They feature stadium-style seating with pull-down t-bar restraints and no seat belts.

The new Texas Giant reopens with SFOT’s Golden Anniversary in 2011. To view more construction and train photos visit

All photos by Gary Slade.


Seated are Steve Martindale, VP of SFOT, and Adam Sandy of Ride Entertainment Systems. View full-sized image.
"Leather" stadium seats. View full-sized image.
Custom Horn 'hood ornaments'. View full-sized image.
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