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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Announces Cheetah Hunt

Mimicking the burst of speed of a cheetah, linear synchronous motors will launch riders not just once, but three times on Cheetah Hunt. The fastest of the three launches will propel the 16-passenger trains to 60 miles per hour in order to climb more than 100 feet up a tower, followed by a plunge of 130 feet into a subterranean trench. Cheetah Hunt will cover a lot of ground with 4,429 feet of track, making it the longest coaster at the Africa-themed park and the second longest in the entire SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment chain. Only Apollo’s Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg is longer.

Racing across a portion of the park’s Serengeti Plain after leaving the Crown Colony Plaza area (boarding in the historic monorail station), Cheetah Hunt‘s outbound run stays relatively close to the ground, like a cheetah sprinting across the plains. Track elements will imitate a cheetah’s pursuit of prey, with directional changes, over-banked turns, a heartline roll inversion, airtime hills and, of course, relentless speed. As it pounces into the Nairobi area, the trains will twist through a rocky gorge formerly occupied by the water portion of Rhino Rally. A launch at the far turnaround will send riders back toward the station at 40 miles per hour.

Visit the Busch Gardens Web site to take a virtual ride on Cheetah Hunt.

The second new attraction, Cheetah Run, will set a new standard for bringing nature and humans together, a hallmark of the Busch Gardens experience. An expansive new habitat, which will occupy the area where the Budweiser Clydesdales were once housed, will allow visitors to get closer to cheetahs than ever imaginable. Elevated, glass-paneled viewing areas will allow guests to witness the world’s fastest land animal in action as Busch Gardens’ trainers will conduct daily sprints with the cheetahs.

Interactive touch screens will permit families to learn even more about these big cats and the work done by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment on their behalf.

Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run are scheduled to open Spring 2011 at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The coaster is being supplied by Intamin AG – the first major Intamin coaster at any Busch Gardens or SeaWorld park.


Courtesy of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. View full-sized image.
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