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Six Flags Magic Mountain ~ World Record Being Recaptured ~ 18 Coasters In 2011!

To help celebrate its 40th year, Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced two new roller coasters and a new coaster experience.

First up, SUPERMAN The Escape will be transformed into SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton. The record-breaking 100 mph-in-seven-seconds experience will be taken to the next level of extreme by blasting riders backwards. New, sleekly designed cars will travel in reverse along the 900 feet of track before climbing vertically 415 feet in the air. A birds-eye view of the entire Santa Clarita Valley will be offered to riders as they hang, face first, before plummeting back down to earth. SUPERMAN: Escape from Krypton is expected to launch in early 2011.

Next up: For the young and young at heart, a new coaster for kids will debut in the spring, located adjacent to Bugs Bunny World. The steel family coaster will climb a 28-foot-tall lift hill, travel 679 feet of track, and will reach 21 mph. Eight cars will hold 16 riders on this just-under-a-minute coaster.

In addition, Six Flags Magic Mountain will introduce Green Lantern. Designed and engineered by Intamin, Green Lantern riders will brave a vertical zigzag pattern, first traveling up the 107-foot lift hill seated in eight-person vehicles, four abreast and back-to-back. The vehicles will flip independently as they traverse down through 825 feet of twisted, vertical track, and will feature a variable number of head-over-heels flips depending on the weight distribution of the vehicles. A newly themed section of the park near Riddler's Revenge will be the location of Green Lantern when it debuts in spring of 2011.


Superman: Escape From Krypton Photo by Six Flags Magic Mountain. View full-sized image.
Green Lantern Photo by Six Flags Magic Mountain. View full-sized image.
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