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IAAPA News ~ Day Two

Day Two at IAAPA

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ride manufacturers were out in full force at the 2010 IAAPA Attractions Expo. Many displayed vehicles featuring their latest innovations. Here's a small sampling of what was on the tradeshow floor.


Premier Rides showed off its new lead car for a Mr. Freeze-like launch coaster that was just announced last week for Trans Studio in Indonesia. It's quite different from the style of cars seen on the stateside Mr. Freeze coasters. View full-sized image.
How about a shoot 'em up dark ride vehicle on tubular steel coaster track? Gosetto thinks this idea will soon catch on. Reloading your gun during airtime is not required. View full-sized image.
S&S Worldwide displayed its new four-across train for its new style of launch coasters. The first one (Extreme Rusher) will soon begin operating in China at Happy Valley. Although test runs for Extreme Rusher began in August, the coaster has not yet opened to the public. View full-sized image.
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