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ACE Welcomes New Events Director

ACE is pleased to announce that Paul Blick has been selected as the new events director. Paul is 37 years old and lives in Bowling Green, Kentucky with his 14-year-old son, Christian and roommate David Shoultz. He has been an ACE member for 5 years, and the ACE Midwest regional representative for a year. Paul holds the record of 5½ hours of continuous riding on Kentucky Rumbler during Rumblefest 2007. He has a track record of over 300 coasters and among his favorites are The Voyage, Thunderhead, Millennium Force and Nitro. Among his various park/roller coaster related collections are approximately 500 on-ride photos. Paul is a retired paralegalist and former business owner/entrepreneur. He has a long history of volunteering and event planning for various organizations over the years. He is a certified high school and collegiate sports official, and has been officiating for 20 years. As Paul looks forward to the opportunity to serve as events director, ACE takes a moment to welcome him to the executive committee.

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