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Busch Gardens Unveils Tempesto

Starting April 25, an Italian daredevil will offer guests of Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virginia, a chance to blast back and forth at more than 60 mph before climbing 154 feet for a complete inversion.

Tempesto is named after an Italian motorcycle daredevil and is set in the Festa Italia section near Apollo's Chariot. The 883-foot ride features three separate launching mechanisms that rocket its riders in wild arcs before the climb to a corkscrew inversion and a large loop-the-loop. The ride is not the tallest, fastest or longest at the park, but it does have the "most action" in the smallest footprint.

Work on Tempesto began in the fall. Maryland-based Premier Rides constructed the coaster, whose ride lasts 55 seconds. No one shorter than 54 inches will be allowed to ride Tempesto.

Construction on the ride is expected to be completed within a few weeks, allowing the park's staff to begin testing the ride ahead of its April 25 opening for guests.

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