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IAAPA Returns to Orlando

ACE, along with a sold-out exhibit hall, welcomed a near record attendance at the IAAPA Trade Show. After a two year stint in Atlanta, the industry event returned to Orlando for the first of two back-to-back years.

ACE takes pride in its efforts to showcase our organization’s goals and accomplishments while networking with significant and influential industry officials. At the forefront this year was a matter of networking and connecting the right parties to take notice of Geauga Lake’s coasters up for sale. Martin and Vleminckx reported that interested parties stopped by.

ACEers are always interested in the coaster manufacturer’s booths. New vehicles from PTC, the single-bench car; S&S, the new car for Magic Mountain’s X, and Rotational Motion displayed Ghost Town in the Sky’s new vehicle for Cliffhanger. B&M showcased the 10 passenger-wide Griffon vehicle for all to see.

S&S had a bit of a buzz with reports of a sale of a new coaster concept – El Loco. Though unconfirmed, rumors tend to point to one of ACE’s host parks in 2008. We’ll stay tuned.

Non-ride attractions that garnered a little attention were interactive games by 3DBA and Funovation. The former offered “Desperados” where people competed to be Best Sheriff in a shooting gallery setting. Funovation had players racing through “The Vault” Lazer Maze dodging and navigating laser rays in espionage style.

Hard Rock Park offered many manufacturers the ability to feature their installations at the new themer, including B&M, Premier, Huss, Vekoma, and more. Premier’s new coaster at the park will feature a unique Ferris wheel-style lift. The company also has obtained TOGO’s line and will soon modify again Vegas’ Manhattan Express.

Dopplemayer, a ski lift company showed its wares including the coaster-like mountain coaster. This concept has suspended cars rolling and swooping from overhead cables, gliding and swaying with the riders’ weight.

People wanting to take control of their ride can do so via joystick on Moser’s Top Spin-style flipper, from mild to extreme.

ACE also promoted its calendars in the IAAPA store and had a book signing by author Torrence Jenkins for the Herbert Schmeck addition to the designer series.

A more detailed report will be covered in the upcoming January/February ACE News.

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