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Hersheypark Announces 12th Roller Coaster

Hersheypark announced that it will be building a $25 million roller coaster for the 2012 season. Skyrush is the 200-foot-tall steel coaster from Intamin that will be located in Comet Hollow. The coaster's first drop will be taken at an 85-degree angle at 75 mph. Total length of Skyrush is 3,600 feet. A new style of train will be featured on Skyrush -- four-across seating, that will offer middle seats with a floor and outer seats that will be floorless. No official word yet on what type of restraints the trains will have.

The addition of Skyrush will up Hersheypark's coaster arsenal to 12. Skyrush is expected to open in time for Memorial Day weekend in 2012.


Courtesy of Hersheypark. View full-sized image.
Courtesy of Hersheypark. View full-sized image.
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