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Canada's Wonderland will be home to the first Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) roller coaster to surpass 300 feet in height. Leviathan will top out at 306 feet and feature a first drop taken at an 80-degree angle. It will be B&M's first giga coaster and Canada's tallest and fastest coaster. The steel monster will also distinguish itself from the other B&M behemoth on the other side of the park by using traditional, four-across B&M trains, turns with up to 115-degree banking and a top speed of 92 mph, which is 15 mph faster than 2008's Behemoth.

Leviathan, which will stretch from the far right side of the park to the main entrance, is expected to open in May 2012. Video renderings of Leviathan in action can be viewed here.


Courtesy Canada's Wonderland. View full-sized image.
Courtesy Canada's Wonderland. View full-sized image.
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