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Will send riders soaring 190 feet in the air at speeds topping 60 miles per hour

The motto, "The sky is not the limit," has been heard or seen in print for months from Dollywood. Park officials announced Sunday the new B&M Wing Coaster will be called Wild Eagle, and will be located at the corner of Wilderness Pass and Craftsmens Valley. The steel wing coaster will be only the second of its kind in the world and the first in the United States.

Wild Eagle will have cantilevered seats and a floorless design. Riders will be seated four across, in a forward-facing position, with two riders seated on the "wings" on either side of the eagle-themed ride trains.

With top speeds of 61-miles-per-hour, Wild Eagle will cruise along the 3,127-foot track in 2-minutes, 22-seconds.

The trains hold up to 28 people at a time, and will go through four inversions and a host of drops, starting with the first one of 135 feet after the initial 190-foot lift hill. Track features will include a giant loop, a zero-G roll, an inclined Immelmann, a giant flat spin, a camel spin, a spiral and a figure-8 curve.

A March 2012 opening is expected.


Courtesy of Dollywood. View full-sized image.
Courtesy of Dollywood. View full-sized image.
Courtesy of Dollywood. View full-sized image.
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