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At Knoebels Amusement Resort, Mugser Run joins the larger Roaring Creek in the middle of the park, and the torrent they created after last week's rains resulted in water levels that came within just a few inches of the 1972 flooding from Hurricane Agnes, judging by a flood marker at the miniature golf course. At least one cabin at Knoebels was destroyed and several rides were damaged.

Photographs from an album on the park's Facebook page revealed a bleak setting. Buildings and other structures were twisted and bent while water still flowed around them. Debris settled everywhere in the park.

The park posted a message Friday morning that said, "It looks better today than it did yesterday, will look even better tomorrow. What a crew!" The Web site gives a status report of the clean-up progress. Despite serious flood damage, Knoebels Amusement Park hopes to have most of its facilities open the weekend of September 17-18.

At Hersheypark, flash flooding happened so fast that zookeepers at Zoo America lost two bison to the quickly rising water. Flooding was rather extensive throughout the lower sections of the park. Water nearly reached the queue awning of Comet, and rose more than half way up the brick arched entryways to the park.

Reports indicate the waters have receded for the most part, and damage assessment has begun.

There were also reports that Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, suffered some damage from flooding.


Courtesy of Hersheypark. View full-sized image.
Courtesy of Hersheypark. View full-sized image.
Courtesy of Hersheypark. View full-sized image.
Courtesy of Hersheypark. View full-sized image.
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