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Moves To Become Strictly A Waterpark

The new owner of Alabama Adventure, Kent Lemasters, plans to re-open the facility on May 12 as Splash Adventure, expanding the waterpark portion of the venue and selling off the rides that made up the amusement park.

An internal poll taken by guests revealed they would like to see more water attractions. An actual count of 70-80% of all visitors to the park turned right, toward the waterpark, after passing through the front gates. With 60% of Alabama Adventure's operating cost going to the amusement park side of the operation, it didn't make sense to the owner to continue running the rides.

The amusement park rides -- including the landmark Rampage wooden roller coaster -- will be sold off to other park owners and the vacated property will be used for special events and future growth.

Alabama Adventure opened in 1998 as VisionLand. It closed in 2001, and only the waterpark operated in 2002. The amusement ride section re-opened in 2003. Ownership has transferred several times in the past decade.


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