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Riders Needed for Travel Channel Productions

The Travel Channel will be filming at some of our favorite parks for its "Extreme Roller Coasters" show.

In the show, we'll grab a seat next to coaster enthusiasts who will take us for a spin on each thrill ride.

Then, it's off for an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour with the roller coasters' designers and operators. They'll take us inside these diabolical devices to see the amazing technology that makes these EXTREME RIDES possible.

The episodes already have air dates – they'll air right after 4th of July.

ACE members are asked to be ready to ride and give interviews concerning the roller coasters featured for the production.

Log onto to sign up for one or more of the filming sessions!

In many cases ACE members may bring a guest, however the ACE code of conduct applies and the member is responsible for the guest's actions.

Participants must meet all safety requirements. You may not have any visible tattoos. No visible piercings other than a pierced earring. No logos or saying on clothes, hats, etc. Please wear theme park attire; no sleeveless shirts for men. Must wear shoes or sandals with straps on back - NO flip flops. No sunglasses, cameras, hats or other loose articles permitted on the ride.

Tentative Shooting Schedule:

Carowinds (4/14-15) Riders urgently needed this weekend! (For Carowinds ONLY, send an email to

Dollywood (4/17-18)

Kings Island (5/4-6 tentative)

Silverwood (5/5)

Cedar Point (5/12-13)

Other parks and dates may be added to this list!

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