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New Roller Coaster Speculation at Cedar Point

The good times are gone at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio -- the Good Time Theatre, that is. But the big question is: What exactly will take its place? Speculation on plans for the site puts much focus on a new coaster.

The park has cleared the area where the theater once stood and moved the "Dodgem" bumper cars station from next door to elsewhere in the park.

A new "dive coaster," was outlined in a memo from Swiss coaster design company Bolliger & Mabillard and obtained in January by the Sandusky Register. A Cedar Fair official at the time called it a proposal. The memo suggested the ride would be the tallest of its kind at 223 feet.

A wooden fence stretches around the old theater site, with a sign that details the "legacy of roller coasters" at the park. The sign says, in part, "this history, this legacy, will continue at the roller coaster capital of the world".

Each week since the park's seasonal opening in May, a new tile has been added to the sign that explains the history behind one of the park's roller coasters. Beginning with Blue Streak and continues to progress chronologically through the years the park's roller coasters were added.

That has led coaster enthusiasts to suspect an announcement from the company in August. Such timing would be earlier than usual for Cedar Point, which last year announced park updates in mid-September.


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