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Carowinds' Thunder Road Closes Forever

The 1976 twin-tracked racing wooden coaster ended its 40-season run on Sunday, July 26, 2015, and will soon be dismantled. Thunder Road, which famously crossed the state line from South Carolina to North Carolina and back, was designed by Curtis Summers and based on the John Allen Rebel Yell racing coaster at Kings Dominion, which had opened the year before. Though no future plans for the site have yet been announced, it is widely expected that Carowinds will use Thunder Road's real estate for expansion of its much-in-demand waterpark.

Though disbelief, sadness and frustration persist about the loss of yet another wooden roller coaster, ACE members were nonetheless honored to be the last riders on Thunder Road at ACE Southeast's Max Cannon Coaster Classic; the annual regional event was renamed this year in honor of the assistant regional representative who passed away in 2014.

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