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Kentucky Kingdom to Introduce Storm Chaser in 2016

Rocky Mountain Coasters is already at work transforming the former Twisted Twins (previously Twisted Sisters) into a single-lift, single-track steel-on-wood-on-steel hybrid coaster. The reconfigured coaster will use RMC's I-box track and will see its height raised to 100 feet, 20 feet taller than the original coasters. The 2,744-foot-long course will include three inversions, including a rollover first drop, and several sharp airtime hills. Storm Chaser will run two 24-passenger trains on its single track. Twisted Twins, a 1998 project of Custom Coasters, was two separate dueling coaster tracks of 3,000 feet, each with a single train.

Storm Chaser will raise the coaster count at the Louisville park to five. Undoubtedly, additional attractions will debut alongside Storm Chaser as the new Kentucky Kingdom continues its revival in 2016 for a third operating season.

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