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ROAR to be Silenced August 16

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, has announced the closure of Roar, the park's 1999 wooden twister. The coaster's last day of thrilling riders will be Sunday, August 16, 2015, halfway through its 17th operating season.

Roar, a project of Great Coasters International, Inc., was the first roller coaster to run the firm's own Millennium Flyer cars, now the worldwide standard for GCII's installations. With a design similar to the 1998 Roar at Maryland's Adventure World (now Six Flags America), Roar was part of a multiyear, multicoaster infusion to the former Marine World Africa-USA as it was transformed into a Six Flags property.

No further news was provided as to what may become of Roar or its effects, although recent history and reliable rumor indicate a conversion into another type of roller coaster is likely. It is expected that Six Flags will announce its 2016 projects on September 3. In any case or result, the closure of Roar means one less wooden roller coaster on the landscape.

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