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Tron Lightcycles Power Run, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Among Coaster Offerings at Shanghai Disneyland

News has been released on attractions for Shanghai Disneyland in China, which is now under construction and set to open in 2016. Among the many attractions for what's to be the largest of the world's six Disney Magic Kingdoms, two roller coaster-type rides have been announced.

While specifics on Tron Lightcycles Power Run remain elusive, the very mention of a major attraction based on the 1982 Disney film has fans glowing with excitement.

The second edition of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will be featured in Fantasyland, though it's not known how similar it may be to the attraction of the same name, which premiered in 2014 at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida.

We expect to hear more details on these coasters, and on all of Shanghai Disneyland, as next year's opening nears.

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