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That's how long it took to reduce Kings Island's Son of Beast roller coaster into a twisted heap of metal and wood. The coaster, once a signature feature at the park and the only looping wooden coaster anywhere, went out with a bang.

Son of Beast was heralded as the world's tallest, fastest and only looping wooden roller coaster when it opened in 2000. The track climbed to a 218-foot peak, followed by a 214-foot drop; its trains reached speeds of 78 mph. But its history was troubled from the start. A string of accidents, closings, repairs, five lawsuits, settlements and one trial would ultimately shutter the ride.

Crews brought down the $10 million coaster with cables on October 4, a little more than a week after work began to dismantle the ride to make room for future park expansion.

Son of Beast will be taken down "the same way it went up" – in sections. It will take several months to fully dismantle the ride, which includes 53 concrete pilings, about 6,000 feet of steel track, 50,000 pounds of nails, 225,000 bolts and 1.65 million board feet of wood.

Officials don't yet know what they intend to do with the 12 acres that Son of Beast will vacate in the park's north end, but its absence means that there will be lots of room for future expansions.


Photo by: Dave Jackson. View full-sized image.
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