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Darien Lake Installing a MotoCoaster

Although no official announcement has been made from the park, ACE has learned that Darien Lake is installing a Zamperla MotoCoaster. The as yet unnamed ride is expected to open in May. This is the actual prototype that has been set up at the Zamperla factory in Italy for a few years. The 12 car trains, themed to motorcycles are launched out of the station at a speed of 38 mph in less than three seconds. The clutch and flywheel launch system is similar to the launch systems found on the old Schwarzkopf shuttle loops, which have been running reliably for almost thirty years. The ride features 1,198 feet of track and rises to a height of 44 feet. Riders are seated in an upright position on the motorcycle-style cars with a restraint bar across their back. A total of three Zamperla MotoCoasters will be installed in North America in 2008. The previously announced Pony Express at Knotts Berry Farm will feature horses instead of motorcycles. Not all of the details of the third installation at Xetulul Park in Guatemala have been released but it is expected to be similar to the Darien Lake installation

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