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Hades 360 Opens at Mt. Olympus

On May 25, 2013, Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, unleashed Hades 360 – a wild transformation of 2005's Hades, which now includes a barrel roll inversion, a 110-degree overbanked turn, courtesy of The Gravity Group, and a new Timberliner train from GravityKraft. With the new train and additional elements, Hades 360 is a whole new experience.

The ride still packs a punch right out of the station, with one of the best pre-lift hill combination of thrills on any wooden coaster. The drop into the tunnel under the parking lot is still breathtaking. Riders resurface from Hades' domain into the new barrel roll and an overbanked turn, then pop over an airtime-filled hill before diving back down underground. The final moments of the ride still takes riders speeding past the queue and through lift hill into the brake run. Mt. Olympus kept the best elements of Hades and made an already thrilling coaster even better. The addition of the barrel roll and new train makes Hades 360 a must-ride coaster of 2013!

To view a short video of Hades 360 opening weekend click here.

To view a POV of Hades 360 from the park click here.


Photo by Scott Heck. View full-sized image.
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