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Sierra Tonante to be Removed

Mirabilandia in Ravenna, Italy will remove the wooden coaster Sierra Tonante to make way for a new B&M roller coaster. Sierra Tonante (Italian for thundering mountain range) was built in 1992 and was the last coaster designed by Bill Cobb of Dallas, Texas. It features a unique mid-ride swooping spiral along its 3,280 feet of track, and has unusual trains supplied by SDC.

Few details are known about the new B&M coaster. ACE has learned it will be a sit down coaster, most likely a non-looping mega coaster with a lift hill of 164 feet, and it is expected to open for the 2009 season. The park is already home to Katun, a B&M inverted coaster that was installed in 2000. Mirabilandia does not appear to be short on space, and no reason was given for the removal of the wooden coaster.

Over his lifetime, Bill Cobb took part in the design of fourteen wooden roller coasters, including the world-famous Texas Cyclone at AstroWorld in Houston. Sierra Tonante and Anaconda at Walygator Parc in Lorraine, France were Cobb’s only two overseas projects.

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