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Six Flags Great Adventure's Rolling Thunder To Be Removed

To make room for the newest addition to Six Flags Great Adventure, the park will demolish Rolling Thunder, the 1979 Don Rosser/William Cobb dual-track racing wooden coaster. Rolling Thunder will close to the public on September 8 to help make way for construction of a new ride - Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom, a 415-foot-tall freefall ride that will be attached to Kingda Ka's towering structure. While waiting to board Zumanjaro, guests will pass an all-new animal area, where they can watch native African Anubis baboon play and interact in their habitat.

New technological advances and preferences have created a new generation of thrill rides, and Rolling Thunder's popularity has decreased over the years. Be sure to tackle this coaster's 85-foot drop and 10 dipping hills before it slips into history.

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