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Six Flags Magic Mountain Making Changes to Batman: The Ride and Colossus For 2014

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014, and following the change at Six Flags Great America this summer, Batman: The Ride, will be more intense than ever when riders dare to take on the new challenge of going backwards!

Riders will get a view of the entire coaster layout as they climb the 105-foot lift, anticipating the adventure that lies ahead, or rather behind them. The excitement will be magnified since guests cannot see the twists and turns that await them.

Trains on the iconic "woodie" Colossus will hit the track in reverse as well. The classic wooden coaster features drops of more than 100 feet and a total of 14 hills including a climactic triple jump toward the end - all to be enjoyed backward! Colossus celebrated its 35th anniversary in June 2013.


Photo by: Rich Koppelman. View full-sized image.
Photo by: Jodi Malone. View full-sized image.
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