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China's Lewa Adventure Prepares Record-Breaking Mack Coaster For Opening

The new coaster from Mack Rides GmbH - originally named Flash though later identified / translated as Lightning - is now testing at Lewa Adventure (also named Lewa Happy World) in Jingyang, in the Shaanxi province of China. The park made its debut in June 2015 and has to date opened seven roller coasters of various sizes and styles. Lightning stands 200 feet tall at the top of its lift and spiral-drops 190 feet at 71 mph into what's claimed to be the world's tallest loop, encircling the lift at an obtuse angle. The current record-holder, Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain, has a loop standing 160 feet tall; while no measurement's been reported for the loop on Lightning, it does appear to be at least 165 feet in height. Lightning is not only the tallest, fastest and only imported coaster in the park, it's also the biggest built by Mack Rides to date. The 4176-foot-long track also has a high rollover inversion, twisting Stengel dive, and numerous airtime hills.

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