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In what appears to have been a planned surprise by Knoebels, lucky ACE members who had made a pre-Phoenix Phall Phunfest visit on Friday evening were given the opportunity of a lifetime - to be among the first to ride Flying Turns. Phor Phree! Both it and Phoenix were open to card carrying club members at the park until 10 p.m. as a special treat.

After years of planning and tweaking, Knoebels dedication to building Flying Turns has paid off royally, as evidenced by all the smiling faces, cheers and applause as each three-car train returned to the station.

It is expected that the queue for Flying Turns will be full as it opens at the PPP, garnering even more accolades after each circuit.

A huge thank you to the incredible team at Knoebels for re-creating a lost classic ride.


Photo: Rus Ozana collection. View full-sized image.
Photo: Ann Feeley collection. View full-sized image.
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