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Knoebels Announces Sixth Roller Coaster

Bumper Boats and Boat Tag will be retired and removed later this year to make space for Knoebels' new-for-2015 roller coaster, Knoebels Impulse.

The Zierer coaster will have a 98-foot-tall lift followed by a 90-degree free-fall first drop. Three eight-rider vehicles will cover 1,985 feet of track at speeds up to 56 mph, maneuvering through a cobra roll, loop, Immelmann, helix and airtime-filled hills.

Knoebels Impulse riders will be seated in two rows of four, facing forward, with the back row seats elevated above the front row seats for back-seat visuals during the course.

Knoebels Impulse will be the sixth roller coaster in the park, joining Phoenix, Twister, Kozmo's Kurves, Black Diamond and Flying Turns.


Courtesy of Knoebels. View full-sized image.
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