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Roar-O-Saurus Takes Shape

With the tallest bent now in place, local ACE members were offered a construction tour of Roar-O-Saurus, the new-for-2014 Gravity Group roller coaster at Story Land, Glen, New Hampshire.

20 ACE members from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island converged for walk-back photos of the structure, a tour of the maintenance work shop, a delicious pizza lunch provided by the park, a Q & A session with park staff and Korey Kiepert, of The Gravity Group, LLC.

A sample set of photos from the construction tour, by regional rep Rus Ozana, is attached. Roar-O-Saurus is scheduled to be ready for opening day, May 24, 2014.


Tallest Bent, top of lift hill, is in place. View full-sized image.
First drop. View full-sized image.
Low curve before entering the tunnel. View full-sized image.
Queue will go through the structure here, then enter the station. View full-sized image.
Group photo (and no, we were NOT going to wait for the train!). View full-sized image.
Plans for the structure. View full-sized image.
Overall layout - tight curves, and (we're told) 12 airtime moments. View full-sized image.
* Lee Ann Draud
Publications Director
* Rus Ozana
ACE News Now Editor

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