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ACEers Test Rides at Kentucky Kingdom

On Saturday, May 24, Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Kentucky, was packed and busy, as 500 American Coaster Enthusiasts attending the ACE Spring Conference got to test out the rides a week before the park officially opens.

Highlighting the visit was the soft opening of Lightning Run, the new steel roller coaster from Chance Rides. Riders returning to the station expressed their greatest enthusiasm for the new coaster, which is filled with amazing laterals, directional changes and restraint-grabbing air-time. Thunder Run, the 1990 wooden creation from the Dinn Corporation, also received glowing reviews because of its recent refurbishment that left it running better than ever.

There are 20 new attractions in the park, and the size of the water park has now doubled.

Saturday was the first day fans were able to visit the park since it last operated as a Six Flags park in 2009.

The park officially opens May 24th.


Lightning Run Photo by Rus Ozana. View full-sized image.
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