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GhostRider at Knott's Berry Farm Getting New Track and Trains

Great Coasters International Inc., the company in charge of overhauling the GhostRider wooden coaster at Knott's Berry Farm in California, promises that the revamped ride will offer new thrill elements and a smoother ride experience. The project includes replacing 3,800 feet of track on the 17-year-old coaster and tweaking the layout, which includes removing the abrupt mid-ride stop in exchange for more dips. The ride will also receive new, cushioned Millennium Flyer trains.

The coaster has been closed since September 8 for a comprehensive restoration in preparation for the theme park's 75th anniversary of Ghost Town. It's slated to open sometime in 2016.


Artist rendition of the new trains. Courtesy of Knott's Berry Farm. View full-sized image.
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