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Margate Scenic Damaged in Fire

The Scenic Railway at Dreamland Park in Margate, England was seriously damaged by a suspicious fire that started around 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 7. About 40 percent of the structure has collapsed including the main lift hill, but 60 firefighters from across the county managed to save the rest of the coaster. It is believed all of the trains were also lost in the fire.

A Kent Police spokeswoman said the cause of the fire was still under investigation but was being treated as suspicious.

The Scenic Railway has not run for last two years, but local groups have been trying to preserve the historic coaster and were trying to make Dreamland a heritage amusement park as part of a redevelopment scheme for the Margate seafront. Local leaders are still hoping that the coaster can be repaired and Dreamland can still reopen.

The Scenic Railway, an ACE Coaster Classic, is one of only nine scenic railways still in existence, and is the third oldest of the remaining scenics.

Pictures of the fire

Update 4-9-08: Police have confirmed that the fire that damaged the coaster was the result of an arson attack. Kent Police have appealed for witnesses or anyone with information to contact the Margate Police Station.

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