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Former Paramount Racing Coasters to run Forward

When Kings Island, Kings Dominion and Carowinds open for the season, the racing coasters will no longer have a backward traveling train. Touted as something old is new, the decision to run both sides of their racing coasters forward is claimed to have been made in an effort to be consistent with other Cedar Fair parks, although Cedar Point is the only other park in the chain with a racing coaster. It should be noted that Cedar Fair may not be willing to go against the manufacturer’s recommendations. PTC never approved of having the trains run backwards.

Racer at Kings Island opened with the park in 1972. On May 28, 1982, Racer became the first racing coaster to ever run trains backwards on one side of its tracks. Ten years later Kings Dominion turned the lake side trains of Rebel Yell around and ran those backwards. Carowinds followed suit with Thunder Road a few years later.

Racer and Rebel yell, both ACE Roller Coaster Landmarks, were designed by John Allen of PTC, and opened with their respective parks as the major attraction. Thunder Road was designed by Curtis Summers but was based on John Allen’s Rebel Yell. It was added shortly after the park was acquired by the Taft Broadcasting Company, which also owned Kings Island and Kings Dominion.

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