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Beast Walkback to Continue in 2008

Kings Island will continue the tradition of allowing ACE members to walk back to The Beast for the first morning rides of the day. The Ruth Voss Memorial Beast Walkback as it is now known pays tribute to Kings Island's iconic PR director of the eighties. Ruth Voss started the walkback a year or two after The Beast opened as she enjoyed meeting the many ACEers who came to visit the park. She often took the first rides of the day as way to help alleviate her arthritis. Eventually she started asking ACEers to join her, and pretty soon it became a tradition to meet at the front of the park, and walk back for the first rides.

The walkback meets daily at The Kings Island Theater, located to the left of the front gate. Meet no later than 9:45 a.m. and head into the park for the first ride on The Beast each day.

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