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Kings Island Announces Diamondback

Kings Island is finally getting what has been noticeably missing all these years, a B&M coaster and a steel Mega Coaster, neatly coiled into one package. Diamondback will stand 230 feet tall and feature a first drop of 215 feet. As the trains slither along its 5,282 feet of track at speeds up to 80 mph, riders will encounter a total of ten drops, six of which are over 100 feet. Diamondback will be located in the western themed Rivertown area of the park near The Beast and The Crypt. It will traverse flat land, woods, water and rocks, and finish with a splashdown finale previously only found on the two diving coasters at the Busch parks. The three eight-vehicle trains will seat 32 riders at a time in staggered seating arrangement that was first introduced at Canada’s Wonderland earlier this year.

Expected to open in April of 2009, Diamondback will be the tallest coaster at Kings Island, and bring the coaster count up to 14. For more information including video animation of the ride, visit the Kings Island Diamondback website.


Artist's conception of Diamondback. View full-sized image.
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