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RSS Frequently Asked Questions

What is RSS?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndications or Rich Site Summary. It provides a way for web sites to syndicate content as an RSS feed to whoever wants it. It enables anyone who is interested in the site's content to easily stay informed about updates to the content. The content will be published in the form of headlines and articles.
How do I read information from an RSS feed?
Most modern browsers are capable of viewing RSS feeds. Programs or web services called feed readers or feed aggregators are available, enabling you to "subscribe" to a feed. The reader or aggregator then periodically checks the feeds for updated content and delivers it to you for viewing. In addition, some online provides such as AOL, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and others enable users to customize their news headlines section by subscribing to RSS feeds. Your reader typically lists headlines and possibly a short synopsis of an article for the new content. If a headline interests you, simply click on it to view the entire article.
How much does it cost to subscribe to RSS feeds?
ACE publishes content to our RSS feeds at no charge. There are many free programs or web services available for reading RSS feeds. Note, however, that some of the programs or web services must be purchased.
Can I receive information from an RSS feed via email?
Some email programs (for example, Outlook 2007) do support RSS subscriptions. Refer to the help files for your email program to see if it does in fact support RSS subscriptions. In addition, some web services also enable you to subscribe to an RSS feed and then receive an email whenever new content is published to the feed. Here is a Google search for more information.