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ACE offers several options for advertising to our members and on ACEonline:

  • One page flyer mailed with ACE News and/or posted on ACEonline. The cost is $700 for inserting only in ACE News, $200 for posting only on ACEonline, or a discounted price of $800 for both. Note that ACE will host one page flyers for park-sponsored events on our web site at no charge for parks that are corporate members of ACE.
  • Advertisements in ACE News or RollerCoaster!
  • Classified ads in ACE News.
    • ACE News advertising rates are inexpensive and easy. Advertisers can design their ads by the column inch. The rate is $20 per column inch, with no limit on words and information that fits into the space at an appropriate size.
    • Advertisers may use bold type as they wish, emphasizing key words and information.
    • Advertisers purchasing three inches or more may request a box around their ad at no charge.
    • Frequent advertisers may use a discount of $15 per column inch for 6 issues/one year (the ad may change as the advertiser wishes).
    • Layout note: between 40 and 60 words can fill one column inch at 7 point font size. If your layout contains a list of products, substantially fewer words will fit the in the space. Columns are 2.75 inches wide.
  • Ad buttons on ACEonline's home page.
    • A graphic measuring up to 210 pixels wide by 85 pixels tall with up to 2 lines of text listed below the button costs $100 per month.
    • A graphic measuring up to 210 pixels wide by 225 pixels tall with no additional lines of text costs $100 per month.
    • You must supply ACE with the graphics files. When designing the graphic, keep in mind that it will be displayed on a page with a white background.
    • No animated graphics will be accepted.
    • ACE will determine the placement of the button and text on the page. Add 10% to the cost for "preferred" placement on the page.
  • ACE members receive discounts on all advertising rates.
* Advertising rates sheet

* Sean Torres
Advertising Manager
* Lee Ann Draud
Publications Director
* Brian Peters
Information Services Director