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ACE Code of Conduct

Members of American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE) are expected to abide by this code of conduct to ensure that ACE is always represented in a positive manner. Members found to be in violation of this code are subject to ACE's disciplinary procedures, which may be in the form of, but are not limited to, verbal or written warning or membership suspension or involuntary termination.

  1. Conduct at Parks
    1. Members must follow all park policies, rules and instructions, including but not limited to those relating to: use of seat belts, lap bars, shoulder harnesses and other safety restraints; loose articles on rides; use of cameras, phones or recording devices on rides; seat selection; line jumping; and trespassing in restricted park areas. Members must conduct themselves in a responsible, safe, and well-behaved manner and must set a positive example for other park patrons. Members are to avoid confrontation with park personnel, patrons or other people. Members can report violations by other patrons to park personnel.
    2. Members are not permitted to ask ride operators or management staff for any rule exceptions or special favors not ordinarily granted to park patrons unless the park has a policy that offers ACE members such benefits. Members who request such courtesies to contribute an article or photographs for ACE must have written approval from an ACE official and make advance arrangements with the park. The park's decision to accept or deny an ACE official request is to be honored by all ACE members.
    3. Members may not request financial favors from parks. Members are not entitled to free or discounted admission unless the park has a policy that offers members such discounts or it is arranged in advance by an ACE representative. ACE and its members support parks by patronizing them to help ensure their viability and continued operation. ACE relies on support from parks to carry out its purpose as set forth in ACE's Constitution.
  2. Conduct at Events
    1. Members may only attend ACE events and activities when properly registered, including payment of any fees due, and their appropriate name badge for an event activity is clearly displayed as required. Members must follow all ACE and park guidelines for the event. Attendance at meals, exclusive ride times, and other event activities for which members are not registered is a violation of this code. Name badges are non-transferable.
    2. When allowed at an event, any non-member may register and attend ACE events only as the guest of a member who also is registered to attend. Members are responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests who are subject to the same rules, policies and instructions as other event attendees and park patrons.
  3. General Conduct
    1. Members must treat park personnel, park patrons and the general public, representatives of the press and media, and ACE officials and other ACE members with respect and courtesy in communications or interactions at all times. This includes, but is not limited to, in person communications and interactions and those via phone, email, text or chat message, Internet, or social media. Members may be constructive or even critical in their communications and interactions, but always must be respectful.
    2. ACE does not tolerate harassment by any member or any improper or unwelcome conduct or comment by a person which offends, humiliates or degrades another person.
    3. Members may not present themselves as an ACE official or representative, or as acting on behalf of or representing ACE, to any park or media personnel without actual authority or the written consent of ACE’s president, regional representative director or designee.
    4. Members, including all ACE officials and representatives, may not solicit for or request gifts, favors, complimentary services or discounts for their own personal use or benefit at any time.
    5. When interacting with representatives of the press or media, members are expected to speak enthusiastically about all parks and roller coasters. While members may have strong opinions about certain parks or roller coasters, they are to avoid negative criticism to representatives of the press or media.
    6. Members wearing the ACE logo, attending ACE events or identifying themselves as ACE members should be especially aware that their behavior affects ACE's reputation.
    7. Detrimental conduct directly or indirectly threatening or harmful to ACE, its members, property or reputation; misbehavior at any ACE event or park; or violation of ACE’s Constitution and Bylaws is a violation of this code and subject to disciplinary action.

-- Revised October 18, 2014