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ACE respects our members' and visitors' right to privacy. We hold detailed member information in confidence.


ACE maintains a database of the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of all members. This information is used primarily for mailing publications to the members. Any other mailings are kept to a minimum.

ACE will take all appropriate steps to keep our members' personal information confidential. Those steps include limiting access to member information databases, communicating this policy statement to all ACE officers, directors, and representatives, and establishing and enforcing penalties for violating this statement.

ACE publishes an annual membership directory to our members. This directory contains the members' names and addresses. Additionally, the members' phone number and email address will be included for members who have given ACE permission to publish that information. Contact our offices if you do not want your name and/or address included in the directory.

ACE supplies our Regional Representatives with rosters of members in their respective regions to enable them to effectively communicate regional information to those members. The supplied rosters include members' names and addresses. If the members have authorized ACE to publish their phone number and/or email address in the annual membership directory, then this information will be included in the rosters. Occassionally, this information may be made available to parks who wish to notify or invite members to a special event, such as the opening for a new roller coaster.


We will sometimes ask visitors to ACEonline for personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address. Any time that we request this personal information, a link will be provided to this privacy statement. This information is used to:

  1. Provide members with a convenient way of notifying ACE of changes to their personal information maintained in ACE's membership databases (for example, to notify ACE of a change in a mailing address).
  2. Provide members with a convenient way of ordering products or services (such as the annual membership directory) from ACE.
  3. Provide ACEonline visitors who wish to join ACE a convenient method of requesting information about joining ACE.


ACE uses the following browser "cookies" for tracking visitors' navigation through ACEonline:

  • Last visit date for customizing content to display site changes since that date.
  • Your preferences for customizing the appearance of our site.


Please contact our webmaster if you have any comments on this policy.